Texas Renaissance Festival – Todd Mission, Texas

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The Texas Renaissance Festival, which was first held in 1974 on the site of an old strip mine is possibly the best attended Renaissance Festival in the country as it attracts over 500,000 people over the course of its annual run.

Although technically set during the latter part of King Henry VIII’s reign,  the Texas Renaissance Festival does ‘time travel’ on certain weekends, including going back to the Roman era for one weekend and to the Age of the Barbarians on another and the best attended weekend of all is The Christmas Weekend which closes the festival.

The variety of food on offer is extensive and there are more permanent sit down eateries at the Texas Renaissance Festival than there are at many others. The available menus also vary in the theme weekends that sre set outside the 16th century.

Renaissance Festival TX

The Setting:

The setting for the Texas Renaissance Festival is the fictitious New Market Village. This is a village that has seen ‘many changes’ but is currently enjoying the favor of a King’s visit.

When it is Held:

The Texas Renaissance Festival season runs from the first weekend in October to the last weekend of November.

Festival Highlights: 

The New Market Campgrounds – These campgrounds provide a place to stay for those who want to spread their visit to the festival out over a few days. Tents and RVs are both permitted and permanent toilet facilities are provided as well as a “Quickie Mart” that is open when the Festival is not, in the early mornings and at night. Every evening there is a bonfire celebration held for campers to enjoy.

The Kings Feast – In addition to all of the food on offer for those willing to pay extra the Kings Feast is held every day at 11am and then again at 2pm. In proper Tudor style the meal on offer is huge – eight courses – and musical entertainment is provide throughout.

The Gardens – There are six permanent themed gardens on the grounds of the Texas Renaissance Festival – The Roman Basilica, The Chapel Garden, The English Garden, The Rose Garden, the fantasy themed Magic Garden and the Water Garden. These are all usually open to the public unless they have been privately rented as the Festival does host quite a number of weddings in these special venues every year.

Popular Rides– Some of the most popular (all man powered) rides at the Texas Renaissance Festival include The Dragon’s Nest Spin Ride, The Brachiator , Storm the Castle, Nautilus, Neptune’s Swing, the carriage, camel and elephant rides and the very creepy Slayer’s Castle.

For more information and tickets: http://texrenfest.com