Scarborough Renaissance Festival – Waxahachie, Texas

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Waxahachie, Texas is a suburb of Dallas and every year since 1981 it has hosted the Scarborough Renaissance Festival.

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival differs from many others as it sets itself during the reign of King Henry VIII rather than in that of his daughter, Queen Elizabeth the 1st which is the norm for Renaissance Festivals.

To many keen Renaissance Festival goers the Scarborough Faire is one of the most extensive Faires in the country. Its attractions are a little different, as they reflect the more macabre and menacing air that existed during the reign of the King.

There is the usual wide selection of food on offer at more than 20 different locations around the 165 acre site and there is even one full service sit down dining room, the Rose and Crown Inn.

Scarborough Renaissance Festival TX

The Setting:

The year is the village of Scarborough in 1533. King Henry VIII in is fine form after having settled his “Great Affair” and married Anne Boleyn and is gradually disposing of those who oppose his new marriage and his new church!

When It is Held:

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival is held every Saturday and Sunday from the first weekend in April through Memorial Day. (April 6 – May 27, 2013 Weekends and Memorial Day Monday 10 AM to 7 PM)

Faire Highlights:

Dungeon of Yorkshire Tower – This permanent structure is a huge recreation of a Tudor prison tower and offers fair-goers a rather gruesome glimpse at the way that the King choose to punish criminals. The experience is quite a spooky one, so much so that it comes with a parental advisory!

The Petting Zoo – There is a large petting zoo that features all kinds of animals and even offers elephant and camel rides.

Popular Rides – The most popular rides at the Faire include The Pirate Ship Swing,  The Adventure Climbing Tower, Barrel Ride, Settin’ Sail Ride, Knife & Axe Throw and a jousting ride called The Quintain.

The Wedding Garden – Real themed weddings are offered at most Renaissance festivals but the Scarborough Renaissance actually specializes in them and hosts, on average, more than two dozen weddings a year. The special Wedding Garden is offered for use and there are specialist wedding planners available to coordinate the day.

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