Renaissance Festival Tips

Attending a Renaissance Festival is an exciting experience and every festival or faire is different. there are some basic tips that should be kept in mind though, whatever festival you are heading to, to help ensure that you have the best possible time.

Practical Tips for a Comfortable Day at a Renaissance Festival:

Dress for Comfort – For many people dressing up in period garb is all a part of the fun of attending a Renaissance Festival. What seasoned faire goers know that many first timers do not realize is that dressing for comfort is just as important. Renaissance Festivals are primarily outdoor affairs and it is often rather hot and dusty so for the average patron costumes with lots of layers are not going to make for a very comfortable day.

Footwear is important as well. There is a lot of walking and standing involved in attending a Ren Fest so comfy shoes are a must. And when it comes to high heels they really weren’t around in 16th century anyway so they really are a no-no.

Stay Hydrated – All the walking and the heat can dehydrate you pretty quickly. Keep a special eye on children as they can be more easily affected than adults.

Wear Sunscreen and Take a Hat – It is pretty easy to get sunburned if you are outside all day so sunscreen – for everyone – is a must. No one in the 16th century wore shades so you will look rather out of place in them but adding a hat or head covering to a costume is easy.

Take Some Cash – Many of the larger artisans stalls will take credit and debit cards directly but almost everything else at most Renaissance festivals has to be paid for in cash. Usually there are ATMs available in several locations at Renaissance Festivals so at the very least remember to bring your debit card as well as your credit card.

Be Prepared to Participate – A Renaissance Festival is all about entertainment and fun and it is pretty much expected that people are prepared to participate in the occasion as well as observe all that is going on around them. Most of the people who work at a Renaissance Festival are actually volunteers but they are very keen volunteers and will often go to great lengths to get people involved, especially if they look a bit grumpy or distant!