Renaissance Costumes

Dressing the part makes a day at a Renaissance Festival even more fun. Some people are sticklers for authenticity while others prefer to choose Renaissance costumes that while they are not quite right for the period – things like fairies, wizards and mythical creatures – are still a lot of fun.

First time Renaissance Festival goers to tend to get a little bit stuck when it comes to planning a costume though. If that is the case for you here are some useful resources and tips to help:

Buying Renaissance Costumes  

Buying Renaissance Festival costumes can get pretty expensive but lots of Festival fans do make the investment in a really good costume so that they can build themselves a ‘persona’ that they can take on over and over again.

A number of the larger vendors and artisans who travel around the Renaissance Festivals all year selling Renaissance costumes also operate online stores. Because these are companies and people that really do nothing else except concentrate of Ren Fest offerings these costume pieces do tend to be very accurate from a historical standpoint, although some can be rather expensive. Some of the best known and respected of these retailers include:

The House of Dra – Specializes in mens and womens authentically detailed Renaissance Costumes. Online ordering available and custom orders accepted.

Knightly Endeavors – All custom made Renaissance festival wear, also specializes in Renaissance wedding dresses

Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe – Offers all kinds of Renaissance Festival clothing including a lot of fantasy styled outfits.

Many of the companies who do go to Renaissance Festivals a lot but do not have their own e-commerce site sell their clothing on eBay and Etsy as well.

Renting Renaissance Costumes 

There are always rental costumes available at Renaissance Festivals. The pricing does tend to vary quite a lot from Faire to Faire and even from vendor to vendor.  

Making Renaissance Costumes  

Often the least expensive way to get a Renaissance Festival costume is to make your own. If you are particularly good with a sewing machine then you could consider buying a pattern and creating your costume that way. Here are some particularly good ones:



PeasantLady/ WenchCostumes


Reconstructing History

Mens, WomensandChildrenCostumes

Basic Costumes

Not everyone is that good at sewing. Making a very basic Renaissance costumes is fairly easy to do. they may not be as detailed as some of the other options but you will still look the part and it is all about just having fun. Men can get away with a flowing shirt, leggings and boots. Many ladies already have a nice maxi dress or two in their closets anyway and accessorized the right way they can be perfect with the same being true of long skirts.

Visiting a few of the websites for the various Renaissance festivals and taking a look at some of the patron submitted photos (there always are some) can be a great way to see what other people have done and to pick up some ideas.