The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire – Irwindale, California

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This California Renaissance Festival really can lay claim to being the original Renaissance Festival as it began in 1963 and has been held annually ever since. In fact it will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2013 and adding a number of new attractions to celebrate its ‘Golden Jubilee”.

Over 200,000 people attend the Faire every year and while it is no longer the largest or best attended of the Renaissance Festivals held across the US every year it remains one of the best known and the organizers still consider it to be one of the most authentic.

There are well over one hundred different entertainers who perform on the various stages dotted around the fictional town of Port Deptford and just as many artisans selling their wares in markets.

As is the case at all Renaissance Festivals the selection of food and drink available is a wide and varied one. However Faire specialties include Toads in the Hole, giant turkey legs and Stak on a Stake.

The Setting:

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire is held at a permanent location and is styled as a market town, Port Deptford, and provisionally set in the late 16th century.

When its Held:

The Festival is held on Saturdays and Sundays from early April until the middle of May. (April 6 thru May 19,2013)

Faire Highlights:

Queen’s College Do It Thyself Workshops – Classes held that offer lessons in all kinds of Renaissance arts and crafts, everything from basket weaving and leather working to learning to play the ocarina or belly dance!

Tea with the Queen – Every day at 4pm Queen Elizabeth sits down to share a traditional English tea of English scones, dainty sandwiches, tarts and pots of tea with her ‘subjects”.

The Knighting Ceremony – Once her tea is over the Queen performs a Knighting Ceremony every day at 4.30pm, bestowing a knighthood or a dameship on the youngest festival goers.

Permanent Rides – Climb the Monolith, Crows Nest, Dragon Swing, Fool’s Maze, Maypole Carousel, Vertigo and The Giants Swing.

Popular Games – Turtle races, fencing, knife throwing, archery, dueling cannons and The Siege of Tortuga.

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